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  • ‘Putin is killing people in Ukraine while Russians eat khachapuri in Georgia’

    21/11/2022‘Putin is killing people in Ukraine while Russians eat khachapuri in Georgia’
    Tens of kilometers of traffic jams at the Russian-Georgian border, hours of waiting to pass through Kazakh customs, and plane tickets from Moscow to Yerevan cost up to $10,000. This is the situation faced recently by several hundred thousand Russian men of military age, desperately trying to flee their homeland to get around the partial mobilization and thus avoid the horror of war on the Ukrainian front. In September alone, more than 222,000 Russians entered Georgian territory, making it one of ...
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Three decades of disintegration, integration, and uncertainty in Europe: comparative views of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus
Ostap Kushnir* 25/06/2022

Eastern Europe has just gone through three decades marked successively by the disintegration of the USSR and the CMEA, the…

Trois décennies de désintégration, intégration et incertitudes en Europe : visions comparatives de la Pologne, de l’Ukraine et du Bélarus
Ostap Kushnir* 20/06/2022

L’Europe de l’Est vient de traverser trois décennies marquées successivement par la désintégration de l’URSS et du CAEM, le rapprochement…

Abkhazia: an informational strategy imported from Russia
Robin LETERRIER* 16/06/2022

Dependent on Russian aid, the de facto republic of Abkhazia has been arming itself in recent months with tools designed…

Abkhazie : une stratégie informationnelle importée de Russie
Robin Leterrier* 07/06/2022

Tributaire de l’aide russe, la république de facto d’Abkhazie s’arme, ces derniers mois, d’outils destinés à mettre en œuvre sa…

Central European literature, a singular and fertile space
Assen SLIM* 31/05/2022

Éditions Intervalles, founded in 2006, publishes literature open to other cultures. Their creator, Armand de Saint-Sauveur, chose to include Central…

La littérature centre-européenne, un espace singulier et fécond
Assen SLIM* 30/05/2022

Entretien avec Armand de Saint-Sauveur, fondateur des éditions Intervalles Les Éditions Intervalles, fondées en 2006, publient une littérature ouverte aux autres…

The Russian army is in difficulty due to the conflict in Ukraine.
Cyril GLOAGUEN* 27/05/2022

Ukraine will not have been taken in a few days, and the Zelensky government, after a few bombings, will not…

L’armée russe mise en difficulté par le conflit en Ukraine
Cyril GLOAGUEN* 23/05/2022

L’Ukraine n’aura pas été prise en quelques jours et le gouvernement Zelensky, après quelques bombardements, ne se sera pas enfui…

Lithuania: Vilnius’ diplomacy within the OSCE
Cyrielle GUILBAUD* 18/05/2022

In 2021, Lithuania commemorated thirty years of membership in the Organization for Securitý and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the first…